Dorelan Certification

When quality is certified


Dorelan is committed to guaranteeing transparency and safety and over time the company has obtained a number of certifications, thanks to its high quality production standards, starting from its very own procedure document prepared in collaboration with Bocconi University in Milan, establishing specific and compulsory regulations for the correct handling and management of raw and semi-finished materials, finished products, environments and staff, with the aim of guaranteeing optimal hygiene, integrity and cleanliness. These values have earned the company Hygiene Certification issued by Bureau Veritas, a leading body in quality control services, after verifying regulations and their implementation, followed up by periodic maintenance audits.
Dorelan is also UNI EN ISO 9001 certified, confirming its capacity to regularly supply products that comply with statutory requirements and raise the level of customer satisfaction, in addition to implementing continuous improvement processes to the system. Dorelan is also committed to tackling environmental impact and complies with rigorous policies by means of LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), constantly monitoring the impact of its main production lines on the environment and human health.


Like all successful companies, the human factor is fundamental for Dorelan: the production of quality products depends on a healthy and functional work environment, which is why we take care of people and maintain a high level of control over product safety and hygiene. Sanitisation has always been an important aspect for all actors in the tourism industry: from business people to suppliers right through to the guests themselves, it will remain a key aspect in the future. The bed system is an investment that maintains maximum performance levels if correctly controlled and sanitised. This is why Dorelan provides hoteliers with daily operative criteria and useful advice on how to maintain a high degree of attention to product cleanliness and salubrity. Thanks to a targeted analysis method, the use of rigorous control instruments and the commitment of all its staff, the company produces items that comply with hygiene and quality certifications which aim to guarantee outstanding performance.


In 2017 Dorelan became the first Italian company in the bedding sector to guarantee its Customers with optimal hygiene for all its mattresses and pillows, thanks to new B&T S.p.A. optimal hygiene assurance specifications for all phases of its production cycle: from supply, production and transformation processes, through to packaging, shipment and delivery. The “HYGIENE GUARANTEE FOR MATTRESSES AND PILLOWS” adds value to the already high level of quality of our products.


In 2017 Dorelan chose Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a tool for its environmental strategy. LCA is an internationally recognised technique and regulated by the ISO 14040-14044 standards, for the correct assessment and disclosure of the environmental performance of products. LCA analysis is useful as it guides the redesign of products to minimise their impact and optimise the consumption of natural resources or reduce air, water or soil emissions.


Since 1999 B&T S.p.A. has been ISO 9001 certified and has conformed to the latest changes that the quality management system requires with the new ISO 9001 edition. This method requires a global review of the entire company's quality system and risk assessment in all company processes with consequent reorganisation, whenever required, to ensure continuous improvement and in turn manufacture and deliver mattresses and pillows incompliance with the promised long term performance, safety and reliability


Dorelan mattresses and pillows for the naval sector guarantee fundamental safety aspects defined by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) through the international SOLAS convention (Safety of life at sea) as they are designed, manufactured and certified for passive fire protection pursuant to the 2014/90/EU Directive (EUROPE) and USCG (USA) regarding Marine Equipment, which is why they carry the "wheelmark" of conformity


Dorelan mattresses and sommiers have undergone specific laboratory tests to guarantee their durability and firmness over time and in particular compliance with UNI EN ISO 1957 specifications on how to simulate mattress wear. As established by this standard, parts of the mattress designed to support the bust, pelvis and legs are subjected to the pressure of a heavy roller for 30,000 cycles to simulate actual mattress use over approximately 10 years. Any variations in height, firmness and body support are recorded. The regulation also requires the testing of parts of the mattress subjected to the greatest amount to stress when the user sits up and gets out of bed, specifically along the edge of the mattress. Dorelan mattresses and sommiers maintain performance and comfort requirements over time within recommended tolerances specified by the UNI ENI ISO 1334 standard.


All upholstered furnishings by Dorelan for accommodation facilities within the field of application specified in italian Ministerial Decree 26.06.1984 regarding the "Reaction to Fire Classification and categorisation for fire prevention purposes" as amended are certified fire reaction class 1 IM by laboratories authorised by the Italian Ministry of Interior. Fire reaction certificates issued by a Laboratory authorised by the Italian Ministry of Interior define the degree of the tested product's participation in the fire, by subjecting a prototype to the UNI 9175, UNI 9175/FA1 testing method. These products are then classified according to the Italian Ministry of Interior (issued by the Fire Emergency Department and the Central Direction of the Department of Civil Defence for Prevention and Technical Safety Area V Passive Protection - Reaction to Fire Classification Section) when Dorelan duly submits an application to this effect.


Dorelan products comply with the following requirements set forth in french Décret 2000-164 of 23.02.2000: - non ignitability, based on the NF EN 597-1 standard and 2, NF EN ISO 12952-1 (cigarette test) - hygiene, for down or feather, in accordance with the NF EN 1162 and 1164 standards. Certificates of conformity with safety requirements are issued by laboratories accredited according to the NF EN 45011 ISO 17025 standard by a signatory of The European Cooperation for Accreditation (EA). Dorelan applies the safety requirements set forth in Décret 2000-164 of 23.02.2000, for its pillows and quilts, as well as mattresses and coverbeds (in accordance with the NF EN 597-1 and NF EN 597-2 standards) of the contract series, even though these types of products are not subject to this obligation, so as to guarantee the same safety standards across all its products.


All products illustrated in this catalogue can be produced in the USA version to ensure compliance with provisions set forth in federal law (16 CFR 1632 and 16 CFR 1633) for domestic use.


All products illustrated in this catalogue can be produced in the UK version to ensure compliance with the BS 7177 standard and the use of expandables and fillings in compliance with Statutory Instrument 1324 Schedule 1 and composite fillers in compliance with BS 6807 source 2.