Tailor-made Bedding Solution


Tailor-made bedding solutions: quality proposals for a bed system tailored to individual hotel requirements. This is the master concept of Dorelan's very own hotelier branch, the Italian brand and leading manufacturer of mattresses and quality sleep systems. A unique offering inspired by the company's determination to distinguish itself in the hospitality sector: Dorelan is all too aware of the fact that a quality stay is determined by meticulous attention to the smallest details, impeccable management and the ability to provide unforgettable hospitality. Hospitality is all about ensuring the well-being of guests, providing them with everything they desire. Holidaymakers of today are looking above all for a personalised experience they can live and share. Experiential travel requires extensive product differentiation, especially when it comes to something as delicate as sleep: Dorelan is a partner that interprets and builds total look projects, customised to satisfy any requirement.


Tourists of today have very different interests and ways of interpreting travel, to the extent that they focus on the personalisation of their holidays, by demanding a tailored guest experience. In light of this, the quality of bed systems and mattresses becomes fundamental as guests will spend one third of their holiday experience sleeping. Travel has become a search for personal gratification and satisfaction that inevitably depends on the quality of rest.


Everything that, just like a bed system, results in a “wowexperience”, boosting this positive sensation and generating increasingly high expectations. In this scenario, the world of internet and social media constantly influences travellers' choices, to the extent that each hotel is now focused on the physical and emotional well-being of guests. Today a hotel is more than just a place to be visited: it is place for living. In this sense, the bed system experience guaranteed by Dorelan quality culminates in a memorable, "better than home" guest experience.


With over 50 years of experience in high-end bedding, Dorelan presents a wide selection of tailored solutions by its division dedicated to the hotelier industry, inspired by a desire for the utmost customisation of bed systems, both in terms of comfort and design. Our philosophy of “Tailor-made bedding solutions” enables hotels who believe in the customisation of a state-of-the-art bed system to make aware choices and invest in assets that generate business and a veritable added value in the long term.


By creating products that adapt to each hotel's clientèle, with the utmost attention to details and meticulously curated functionality. The quality of rest becomes a differentiating element, an absolute value thanks to multiple product combinations. Dorelan listens to the requirements of hoteliers on a daily basis and always develops the best solution according to the objectives of the room by proposing an integrated bed system combining the mattress with fundamental and determining elements like pillows, toppers, sommiers and headboards.