The meaning of hospitality for Dorelan

Dorelan bed system for an exclusive experience.


Every single guest loves to live extraordinary moments and wants to feel welcome, pampered and reassured. They want a room with quality services, to have good care taken of them and to be able to savour little luxuries as part of an exclusive experience. Quality sleep, the unique comfort guaranteed by the room and bed system, becomes one of the main drivers of hotel performance. A passion for quality is a veritable production philosophy at Dorelan. A state-of-the-art vision dedicated to two-fold customer satisfaction: an inimitable guest experience which is then shared with their loved ones, once their stay is over. Therefore investing in a quality bed system means directly investing in the customer. So how is the comfort of a room created? With functional furnishings, the best soundproofing, impeccable cleanliness and a bed system created according to the guest's requirements. The hotelier creates a genuine added value by conveying to customers and potential customers alike the presence of these important advantages that set them apart from the rest.


Dorelan has always grounded its business in the quality of experience and is all too aware of the importance of full customer support. The company provides a system including consultancy, supply, aftersales assistance and support, enabling the client to make the most of their investment. A commercial strategy and company organisation are crucial if a hotel is to generate value and satisfy all aspects of hospitality: not only do guests return but positive word-of-mouth starts to spread. Tourists of today are won over with an offering that stimulates emotions and leaves positive memories of the experience, which is why selecting not just suppliers, but veritable partners who are competent, reliable, efficient and above all effective, is so crucial.


The Dorelan mission in the Hotelier world is to provide each guest with a sleep experience during their stay at a hotel. This is possible thanks to the creation of customised bed systems that are meticulously curated down to the finest of details, specially designed to fulfil the specific requirements of each hotel's clientèle. A winning strategy deployed thanks to the strength of innovative ideas and "made in Italy know-how", coupled with the ability to fulfil hotelier industry requirements along with the drive to constantly present new comfort and design solutions. All hotels, cruise lines and international hotel chains looking for a veritable Tailor-made service choose Dorelan because it embraces the challenge of designing a bed system dedicated to their clientèle, by means of a specific consultancy service. For years Dorelan has been an important presence at all major national and international exhibition events of the industry, operates with a network of specialised, local-based consultants and presents itself as an exclusively Made in Italy company dedicated to placing the hotelier and their requirements at the centre of every project.


In order to be a success, hospitality requires continuous growth of the level of competencies necessary to ensure the guest's stay at a hotel is an unforgettable experience. Guests want to experience unique moments, especially in terms of the quality of rest. Placing your trust in Dorelan is a veritable investment that triggers a virtuous cycle in which the advantages of excellent sleep generate approval.
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