Customise for Dorelan

An integrated system to offer flexible and highly customised solutions

Dorelan Hotel provides a truly integrated system, made of anatomical pillows, sommiers, anti-mite covers and avant-garde bed bases to achieve maximum comfort, thanks to a harmonious system of bed accessories of the highest quality.

Our aim is to support the owner, the designer and the architect in evaluating with them the best choices for the bed system.

For this reason, as we are specialists of the Italian know-how, we assist the client in order to learn and understand their point of view, by realizing the bedroom with him, in the dreamed, desired and designed context.


Sommiers and headboards are the elements which make up the MyBed collection: a rich mix of furnishing solutions to complete and customise the bed system, based on every hotel's needs. Available in countless matching options, bringing to life a series of veritable Tailor-made compositions. Sommiers and headboards seamlessly combine sturdiness and functionality with design trends. They are made from fine materials, all matchable and designed with the utmost regard for detail. Choosing the right base means taking care of the mattress, enhancing its comfort and design. An unmistakable touch of class to the style of all hotels, Mybed becomes both an elegant furnishing element and a fundamental support for the creation of a customised bed system. Click here.


The ability of Dorelan to provide a bed system adapted to the requirements of each guest is due to the possibility of mattress customisation, thanks to Comfort Flip® by Dorelan: an exclusive variable padding and thickness system enabling the adjustment of mattress comfort. Therefore the hotelier can design the bed system, providing up to 5 different types of comfort. For unprecedented differentiation and gradualness of comfort! Click here.