Sommiers and headboards

Tailor-made bed system creation
Sommiers and headboards are the elements which make up the MyBed collection: a rich mix of furnishing solutions to complete and customise the bed system, based on every hotel's needs. Available in countless matching options, bringing to life a series of veritable Tailor-made compositions.


  • FLAT: For those who love to rest on a flat support, the Flat sommier surface is a technology developed to provide solid support. Flat is made from slats listels supported by a fir wood perimeter structure, ensuring perfect stability for the entire bed system, while also guaranteeing the utmost breathability, thanks to the special cover containing a central non-slip and breathable area.
  • ELASTIC: Designed for those looking for a bed system characterised by a perfect balance between cosiness and support, an Elastic surface is an ideal choice. Its structure features vapour curved beech wood slats, providing impeccable mattress support and optimal ergonomics, ideal for traditional spring products.
  • SPRING:Always at the service of wellbeing, excelling in technology and innovation, Dorelan presents the Spring system. Designed to enhance the performance of all mattress types, Spring is based on an independent system of individually pocketed microsprings.


  • STRUCTURE: The solid load-bearing structure of the innovative configurable Mybed system is made of high quality fir wood. Its stability is further enhanced by a special corner attachment system for feet.
  • PADDING: Fine Mybed upholstery, made of high density Myform ® Extension, an exclusive and patented material, fully cover the entire sommier structure, for a pleasant quality sensation to the touch and above all, guaranteeing fundamental protection against knocks, to which the external strip is particularly vulnerable, as well as a perfect and high performance support surface for any mattress.
  • COVERS: Mybed is available in an extensive range of faux leather and fabrics which distinguish themselves due to the variety of textures, innovative design, resistance and durability over time. The extensive selection of available colours makes Mybed fully customisable and ideal for the creation of tailored hotel room projects.