Thinking about your needs, Dorelan Hotel made it possible to invest in improving the quality of your hotel's sleep without immediately committing significant funds.

An innovative customized rental solution for mobile devices. Renewing the bed system with Dorelan Hotel has always been a guarantee of high quality comfort, well-being of the guest and now also a financial advantage for your hotel.

What are the Dorelan Hotel articles available with the rental system?

What are the advantages of operating rental?

There are 5 main advantages that you can get if you choose the operating location for your accommodation:

  1. Greater liquidy
  2. Effective investiment planning
  3. Improvement of the quality of investments
  4. Advance on competitions
  5. Maximum flexibility

How to request the rental?

If you are interested in the rental formula for your accommodation, we ask you to fill out this form indicating the company name of your company and the items of interest. We will contact you for further information, evaluating together the best possible solution according to your needs.

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